Any well-stocked shop needs also city - or manufacture - and silk carpets, here I have a fine selection of bright, fine Persian carpets, which were imported from Iran, and are very rare. I have pieces from Isfahan, Kashan, Bijar, Sarough, Senneh, Fereghan and Lilian.

The lovers of peasant - and nomadic carpets will find with me Afshar, Ghasghai, Khamse, Bachtiar and Shasawan, to name a few.

In addition to flat-weave and kilims from Shasawan I have equally beautiful gallery rugs from this region.

The collector of Baluchis will find one or another coveted treasure with us. The earthy, dark natural colors of this genus are suitable for decorative, rustic decor.

To the classics, and currently very popular among Americans, are Saruk's and oriental rugs with script. A solid selection of runners from Heriz, Shasawan, Bakscheich and Saudsch-Bulag "cold source", will surprise you.

The lovers of Caucasian Oriental rugs will have your hearts by the beautiful pieces with strong tones and be fascinated by the color scheme "Abrash". These are unique antique pieces, the colour gradients and the dyeing of the natural wool still serving as an influence to the nomadic people.

Besides Borjalou, Lori Pambak, Shirvan, Gendje, Soumakh, Moghan, Derbent, Seychur, Fachralou and Karabagh you can also see a fine selection of Turkmen tribal art, collectibles and other trivia.

Below you will find on the one hand, for example, Ersari, Salor, Jomud-, and Tekke chuvals (storage bags) and -Asmalyks (seven sided), Tekke Torbas -Kaps - Mafraschs and - ensis (tent entrance jewelry) and on the other hand also some great Jomud - main carpets.

A unique feature is a large, dated Sumakh from the year 1825.